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Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Joe Gatto, Darius Rucker, Jason Alexander & Bob Saget Commit to Helping Prevent Another Tragedy

May 20, 2021

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ -- Celebrities Joe Gatto, Darius Rucker, Jason Alexander, and Bob Saget are participating in a new Public Service Announcement (PSA) series which focuses on increasing awareness of Rideshare Safety. The goal of the PSA series is to prevent a tragedy like what happened to Samantha Josephson, who was killed by a fake Rideshare driver two years ago.

On March 29, 2019, Samantha Josephson, a 21-year-old senior at the University of South Carolina, was kidnapped and murdered when she was targeted by a person posing as a Rideshare driver. Immediately following this unfathomable tragedy, Samantha’s parents, Seymour and Marci Josephson, set out to educate others on the importance of ride share safety so that no other family would have to suffer this kind of loss.

The release of the new Rideshare PSA series arrives as the U.S. is projected to experience significant increases in Memorial Day travel. According to a AAA Memorial Day forecast published this week, more than 37 million people are expected to travel for the Memorial Day holiday weekend -- a huge increase over last year's 20 million, which will fuel additional rideshare traffic for companies like Uber and Lyft as well.

“I implore everyone to follow these simple steps before getting into a Rideshare vehicle. What happened to Samantha Josephson should never happen again,” declares Actor/Producer Joe Gatto in the PSA.

In addition to Joe Gatto, Singer/Songwriter Darius Rucker, Actor Jason Alexander and Comedian Bob Saget have joined the Campaign. Several other well known celebrities will be added as well.

"No family should ever have to experience the heartbreak we endured when we learned what happened to our daughter that fateful night," said Seymour Josephson, founder of the #WHATSMYNAME Foundation. “This PSA focused on Rideshare Safety represents another initiative to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.”

The #WHATSMYNAME Foundation is seeking additional partners to expand the reach and impact of this new Rideshare Safety PSA. Please contact Seymour Josephson for information at

About #WHATSMYNAME Foundation

The #WHATSMYNAME Foundation is a 501C non-profit organization that was established in honor of their daughter, Samantha Josephson, who was kidnapped and murdered during her senior year at the University of South Carolina by a man posing as an Uber driver. The Foundation’s goal is to educate the world about rideshare safety best practices so that no other family will have to suffer this kind of tragedy.

For additional information, please visit

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