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North Wildwood Police Aligns With #WHATSMYNAME Foundation to Enhance Rideshare Safety

March 16, 2021

In The North Wildwood Police Department has partnered with the #WHATSMYNAME Foundation by purchasing street signs to educate the public about Sami’s Law, legislation signed by Governor Phil Murphy to enhance safety for rideshare passengers by requiring additional identification for drivers.

In 2019, Samantha Josephson, a 21 year-old senior at the University of South Carolina from New Jersey, was kidnapped and murdered when she was targeted by a person posing as a rideshare driver. Immediately following this unfathomable tragedy, Samantha's parents, Seymour and Marci Josephson, set out to educate others on the importance of ride share safety so that no other family would have to suffer this kind of loss. The #WHATSMYNAME Foundation was established in honor of their daughter, Samantha.

The signs have been placed in Rideshare Zones throughout North Wildwood. Rideshare Zones are places where there are bars, restaurants, or other places where people congregate. The acronym S.A.M.I., which is on the signs, stands for:

(S) STOP - Plan ahead. Before you request a ride, think about where you're headed and review the safety features in the app so you know how to use them. (A) ASK - Ask your driver " What’s My Name? " to confirm they have booked a trip with you through the ride sharing app. (M) MATCH - Match the make, model and license plate of the car with the one displayed in the app. (I) INFORM - Share the details of your trip with a friend. Utilize the "share status" function in your ride sharing app.


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